5 Benefits to getting Box Braids

When it comes to protective styles you can go wrong with the iconic box braids. Named for their box-shaped parting box braids have become a staple in the world of braiding.

This style begins with healthy washed natural hair. If you are prone to dry scalp, It is recommended that you perform a deep conditioning treatment and oil the entire scalp well before starting. The next step is to acquire the right attachment hair. Expression braiding hair is a stylist’s favorite and can be purchased in-store from Elite Braids at $5.99 a pack. On average you’ll need roughly 3-4 packs of Expression hair to complete medium, mid-back box braids. The quantity can vary depending on the size and length you are seeking. Once the attachment hair has been pulled for naturally tapered ends the hair is then attached to the parted section of hair using the traditional 3 section braiding method.

There are many benefits to getting Box braids. Here are our top five reasons:

1. Low Maintenance

With a few upkeep and care tips, your box braids can easily be a “get up and go” hairstyle. This style is ideal for the woman on the go. Whether you are busy at work, or with school, this low-maintenance hairstyle allows you to navigate through your already busy life without the additional hassle of dealing with your hair in the morning.

2. Long Lasting

Box Braids can last up to months, three if you get a touch-up. Box braids are like wine, they get better would age, some might argue. The single braids encompass all of your natural hair so not single strands are sticking out. This allows the style to look neat and polished for longer periods of time versus other styles. Remember to wrap your hair up at night or opt for a bonnet and apply braids tonic regularly and you’ve got a style that just won’t quit.

3. Protect your Tresses

It’s no secret that leaving your natural hair alone is the best way to protect it from the dangers of heat and all the nasty particles in the air. Box braids do a wonderful job of enclosing your natural hair in the attachment hair, protecting it from all the elements. It’s still advised that you moisturize your braids regularly as the hair can be drying to your natural tresses

4. Grow your Hair

If you’re anything like me you tamper non-stop with your hair. Box braids are a helpful way to keep your hands out of your hair! Leaving your hair alone is a great way to grow your natural hair. Box braids help do this by protecting your natural tresses while giving you something to run your hands through.

5. Versatility

Because Box Braids are braided into individual sections the finished look allows for free versatility in styling. Whether you’re choosing to wear your style up in a high bun, a low ponytail or all down the possibilities are endless.

Now that you know some of the many great benefits that come with getting Box Braids don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment with us today if you’re in the Houston area.

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