Tumelo Kaylow
December 5, 2022

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But Ton
July 21, 2021

Set an appointment 3 days in advance, stylist reached out and we sent pictures of the styles. The day of the appointment the stylest didn’t come and no one in the shop could do the braids! We booked appointments days in advance just to arrive and no one can do the styles for none of the 4 people booked! Braiders were very rude and would no recommend them AT ALL!!!

Shynice Hooker
February 26, 2021

Remy is amazing I have short hair I first got box braids took them out in lest than a month and let me tell you the growth was amazing my edges which have never grew are growing so I went back the same day I took my braids out and got kinky twist I’ve now had them for about two weeks maybe more I won’t be going anywhere else and I won’t let anyone but remy do my hair she has magic hands

I booked an appointment to have a service done. I showed up to my appointment 10 minutes early. I informed the young lady that I had an appointment for an updo but would like to get lemonade braids instead. She told me someone would be right with me. I heard her address another stylist not certain what she said as I do not understand their dialect. However I believe she told her I wanted lemonade braids and could she do me. I heard her say no and continue to talk. This same young lady approached me and informed me that they were busy and asked could I drive to one of their other locations. Honestly I was floored. I politely said sure and took my business elsewhere. There is a cliche that says people will forget what you said but never how you made them feel. Your first impression is always your last impression. This left such a bitter taste in my mouth. Not only did I make an appointment for that location which was closest to my home but it happened to be convenient for me. I did not let that experience ruin my day I called a salon in the next plaza called Brown Sugar and I was treated well. It was the best service ever. I believe in patronizing people who appreciate my business and value my time & money. It’s a NO for me. I will not be back nor will I refer people. Thanks for the bad experience it turned out for my good.

Andrea Kelley-Henry
September 14, 2019

Two women braided my hair in box braids and they did an awesome job at the Westheimer location. They were very professional, took their time and did an all around awesome job. They held a great conversation and time flew by. I will definitely be a returning customer and recommend them.

Nnenna Halliday
June 14, 2019

She has one of the best braiding salons I have been to. I loved my hair and I enjoyed the service. I can recommend this salon to anyone and everyone. Come and receive an awesome treatment for an affordable price❤️❤️❤️

Vel Tyshea
May 15, 2019

I got the Bohemian Goddess Locs! I love the style but absolutely hate the human hair that was used. Within 2 days of my hair being done it was already looking very tangled and nappy... not the locs but the human hair that was used. For the price of the hair it should be better quality. And I can’t comb it without it shredding really bad.... kind of disappointed how bad the human hair is getting by the day.... BUT other than the hair I would recommend!

Nickola Janine
May 2, 2019

They do quality work. Everyone was nice and professional and I was very pleased with the outcome of my hair. They listened to my concerns and gave me exactly what I asked for. I definitely recommend this place.

Tiffany Francis
July 28, 2018

This is my 3rd time using tjis shop Friendly staff. Excellent braiding skills. Love them.

Tracey Gray
June 16, 2018

This was my first time experiencing the ladies of Elite Braids. I really love my twist!!!! Thank you Amy @ the Blue Willow location.

J Gem Lieteau
June 15, 2018

I have been here 3 times and every time the braider has been excellent. Susan did a great job on my cornrows.

Bukky, I just love my braids!!! You did a GREAT JOB! Jennifer

Zulema Zaes
May 21, 2018

the worst salon I've been in. They are not professionals. I had worst experience with them.

The person who was supposed to do my crochet faux locs today cancelled on me late last night. I reached out to Elite once I found out and got a confirmation appointment shortly after sending my email!! I show up this morning just to ask a price and show them the hair I purchased and they were able to see me then, so I didn’t have to wait until the afternoon time that I scheduled. Ms. Doris came all the way through! She assured me that she would have me out in time for me to be home for 11:30am (it was 9:30am). I was done in 1 1/2 hours and everything looks good!!!

Nina Hawkins
March 14, 2018

Loving my hair from Elite! Ladies were very nice and gentle on my hair! I will definitely be coming back and I recommend them for your braiding needs! Thanks ladies �

Shayla Washington
March 8, 2018

Amazing work I had 3 wonderful ladies on my hair and they knocked it out in 3hrs. Im so thrilled and my husband loves it. Will be recommending this spot to family and friends. #bluewilliow ladies are on point.

Shaniquea Booker
February 26, 2018

Me. Anna and Ms.Judith are great!!! They were fast and very professional i would definitely suggest them to anyone... 😍😍😍😍

Claudette Gallien
February 25, 2018

Elite Braids and Weaving did a good job on my daughter head they were polite and fast . Comfortable environment

Xaviera Bledsoe
February 17, 2018
Shontel House
February 16, 2018
Shalae Bester
February 8, 2018

They did a awesome job and was really fast ! 10 stars to them !!! I will be going back

Tiffany Renee
January 20, 2018

Joy and Jennifer did excellent in my kinky twists.. They are very professional and quick!! Came in at 7:30 and was out by 10:15...highly recommended this awesome duo... I would post a pic but I don't see an option for that.

Nea Junious
January 1, 2018

Mrs. Judith and Elite were very professional and patient with me.

Aunjel Warren
November 21, 2017
Jai Monroe
September 29, 2017

Went in with the expectation of getting micro braids/freestyle braids. Was told that my hair was too long, although it’s never been a problem elsewhere for me to get them no matter what length. They then helped me decide on Senegalese twist. They came out beautiful and I believed they were perfect.... until day number 2... they literally began slipping out in the back� I’ve had to put quite a few back in myself. The lady that did the front of my hair did an exceptional job, they’ve all stayed in, my edges are there �. However the lady that did the back needs a bit of lesson, they are loose and chunkier than the front.

Patti Jackson
September 23, 2017

Very nice staff! I will recommend this place to everyone!

Qui Babin
September 5, 2017

I have been going there for a while now and I have never been disappointed!!! All the ladies do a great job. Very professional!!!!!!

KeAira Keke Holmes
August 13, 2017
Danielle Harden
July 23, 2017
Kimberly Walker
June 29, 2017

I took my daughter to Elite Braids (Blue Willow Dr location) and Judith did a great job on her head! She provided excellent customer service and made sure my daughter was satisfied and comfortable throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend this place.

Shekita Rawls
June 17, 2017

I'm loving my new braids!!!!! Stella and Judith did an amazing job at their new location on Westhiemer! I was the very first customer and their customer service was great! Thanks ladies!

Stacy Rayon
May 14, 2017

This was the first time I had my hair braided in 23 years and they were quick, did quality work and were very friendly and nice. They've been doing my daughter's hair for 3 years and I'm very glad she recommended them to me! I'll definitely return!

Sheila Spiller
March 14, 2017
Kim Gordon-Lewis
November 22, 2016

I was hesitant after my experience with another braid salon but, Elite was representative of its name. My stylist, Jennifer, was kind, patient and respectful! Most of all, I was looking quite lovely... I will be a repeat offender!

Samantha Rasberry
November 15, 2016

The women in this shop are awesome !!! They did a great job on my braids.

Blue Simien
November 13, 2016

I am a person that is big on customer service!!! I called to make an appointment and was treated with such gratitude and respect. The person was very polite and I didn't feel like I was being rushed on the phone. I explained to her how I wanted my hair...no biggy. When I arrived I was greeted by the entire staff with warm smiles and was seen immediately!!! Jennifer was my stylist. She was very friendly and swift. She made sure she wasn't hurting me as she braided my hair. I actually fell asleep!! Lol!! I love my cornrows and will be back soon!! Thank u Elite you rock!!

Mona Sherman
July 10, 2016

The braids came out nice, however my hair started coming out within a week! I went bak to show them and the owner told me because my hair was naturally curly and it was hot outside that's why it was happening! But after a week!! I guess my hair is not made for braids. I took them out completely after one came out!! Didn't even have them in for 3 weeks!! Money wasted!!

Angelia Toliver
June 20, 2016

Very friendly and polite,as well as a clean establishment. A couple of braids are starting to get loose, BUT I do have short hair.

Shakevia Hines
January 25, 2014
Florence Ojowa
January 13, 2014