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Elite Braids is a natural hair salon in Houston specializing in protective hairstyles like twists, braids, crochets, Cornrows, etc. Our hairstylists love to create custom new looks for our customers regardless of the length, texture, and kind of hair. We tend to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere where our customers can rest easy knowing that the best hair care and styling experts in Houston are at their disposal. From tangled, curly hair to delicate straight hair, our professionals can help you achieve the desired look in just a matter of hours.

Across all our natural hair services, it`s the aim of each one of our professionals to increase your beauty, confidence, and self-esteem with the best possible hair styling solutions. We promote a fun-filled and light session with each of our customers for their utmost convenience.

At Elite Braids, we`re the trendsetters in town with iconic natural hair services that include braids, twists, crochets, cornrows, and various other hair styling solutions for men and kids. Our experts can create an envious, brand new look with your hairstyle, making a bold and fashionable statement that captures the imagination of all.


If the answer to that is yes, then you`ve come to the right place. Elite Braids believes in making a style statement with the latest hairstyling trends that enhance your beauty manifold. Healthy and beautiful hair is what we believe in, which is why we offer natural hair services in Houston with the highest passion and dedication to our craft.

Elite Braids is the best hairstyling in Houston, with three attractive salons across the city. Contact us for natural hair services and revamp your personality with a trending new look.


If you ‘ re on the lookout for the best natural hair services in Houston, your search is finally over. Stylists at Elite Braids in styling and caring for natural hair that compliments your personality. We provide a wide range of services with a specialization in natural hair services. Our hair stylists are adept at creating any style on any length, volume, or texture of hair. From cool, custom-made hairstyles to the latest trending styles, we can achieve any style with ease.

Our natural hair services include Bantu knotsComb Twist , and Two Strand Twists. We ‘ re also skilled in all kinds of hair braiding, crochets, and faux locs dreads styles with more than a decade of combined experience.


Being the best in the business, our expert hair stylists can cut, style, and maintain your hair leaving you with a beautiful transformed experience.

We believe that natural hair services mean embracing the true nature of oneself and transforming it into a sassy style. You can fully trust our hair styling experts, who have extensive experience and skills to care for your natural hair. Elite Braids has three outlets spread across Houston, which ensures that our hairstyling services are accessible to everyone in the community.

Schedule a hair styling session at any one of our salons as per your convenience and get the best natural hair services in Houston.


Shynice Hooker
Shynice Hooker

Just left us a 5 star review

Shynice Hooker
February 26, 2021

Remy is amazing I have short hair I first got box braids took them out in lest than a month and let me tell you the growth was amazing my edges which have never grew are growing so I went back the same day I took my braids out and got kinky twist I’ve now had them for about two weeks maybe more I won’t be going anywhere else and I won’t let anyone but remy do my hair she has magic hands

Andrea Kelley-Henry
September 14, 2019

Two women braided my hair in box braids and they did an awesome job at the Westheimer location. They were very professional, took their time and did an all around awesome job. They held a great conversation and time flew by. I will definitely be a returning customer and recommend them.

Nnenna Halliday
June 14, 2019

She has one of the best braiding salons I have been to. I loved my hair and I enjoyed the service. I can recommend this salon to anyone and everyone. Come and receive an awesome treatment for an affordable price❤️❤️❤️

Vel Tyshea
May 15, 2019

I got the Bohemian Goddess Locs! I love the style but absolutely hate the human hair that was used. Within 2 days of my hair being done it was already looking very tangled and nappy... not the locs but the human hair that was used. For the price of the hair it should be better quality. And I can’t comb it without it shredding really bad.... kind of disappointed how bad the human hair is getting by the day.... BUT other than the hair I would recommend!

Colette Janine
May 2, 2019

They do quality work. Everyone was nice and professional and I was very pleased with the outcome of my hair. They listened to my concerns and gave me exactly what I asked for. I definitely recommend this place.

Tiffany Francis
July 28, 2018

This is my 3rd time using tjis shop Friendly staff. Excellent braiding skills. Love them.

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