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Your hunt for the best salon for Faux Locs Dreads Hairstyle is over! Welcome to Elite Braids and natural hair, where we create classic and contemporary Natural hairstyles beyond the ordinary.

At Elite Braids and natural hair, we believe in transforming your hairdo that makes you shine in the crowd. Our versatile hair stylists can create custom braids, twists, and cornrows with a flattering look that fixes their gaze on you. We can create that perfect classic look or the suave contemporary look that keeps your style quotient high during special events or everyday life.

We`re full-service hair stylists in Houston capable of defining a bold and beautiful look for our clients that enhances their charm and charisma.

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Flawless Faux Locs Dread Hairstyles at Elite Braids and natural hair

Faux Locs are temporary protective styles that enhance the length of hair using extensions for braiding. Elite Braids and natural hair can create superb faux locs by adding extensions to your naturally braided hair. Our expert hairdressers braid your hair and then wrap extensions around each braid which gives a dazzling, realistic look of flowing locks through your hair.

Our hairdressing and styling salon in Houston has served the community with gorgeous hairstyles like the faux locs dread hairstyle, crochet braids, two strand twists, cornrow braids, and a variety of other unique and appealing styles.

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Top Salon for Protective Hairstyles in Houston

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If you`re looking to wear the swagger of dreadlocks or other protective hairstyles, visit Elite Braids and natural hair in Houston. Our experts can help you achieve the dreadlocks without actually spending the time and inconvenience of the process.

The Faux Locs Dreads Hairstyle created by our stylists has a long-lasting effect, allowing you to flaunt it for 4-5 weeks. This styling technique is also pretty easy to maintain, with a gentle wash and sulfate-free shampoo sufficing as aftercare.

Contact us for a faux locs dread hairdo and revamp your personality with a trending new look.

What is Faux Locs?

Faux Locs is a hairstyle that can achieve dreads without permanent commitment. It's a protective hairstyle and a great alternative to hair braiding. Faux locs give you a diva-like appearance, which is incredibly easy to maintain. This technique is also popular due to the negligible damage it causes to the hair.

Faux locs are known as 'commitment-free' dreads due to their low maintenance. This method has risen in popularity, being a protective hairstyle that thoroughly covers the natural hair. Faux locs are preferred by individuals who want to achieve natural hair and dreads without any permanent commitment.

In this technique, the dreadlocks are the hair extensions used rather than your natural hair. This is why faux locs create dreads without the need to set the hair backward into permanent dreads.

Faux locs are an incredibly low-maintenance style and an excellent proxy for hair braiding.

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Get Wondrous Faux Locs Dreads at Elite Braids and natural hair

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At Elite Braids and natural hair, we're experts in creating a natural look with faux locs and dreads. Our hair stylists braid your hair into boxes, after which they're wrapped in extensions to achieve a dreaded look. Using this method, you can add your desired hair length and wear a flawless faux locs dread look.

Elite Braids and natural hair hair salon in Houston can create any style with faux locs dread, including bohemian locs, butterfly locks, goddess locs, and goddess locs, along with starter loc and loc touch-up services.

We ensure that none of your hair is damaged due to breakage caused by the dreads by applying conditioners and hair masks prior to the treatment. The treatment time for faux locs dreads is 5-9 hours, depending on the length and volume of the locs.

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