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Micro braids are protective hairstyles that include small braids that look like strands of hair. It`s an immaculate process that requires a high degree of skill and time. However, the end result ensures versatility, unlike any other braiding technique.

If you`re looking to sport a brand new braid in Houston, visit Elite Braids and natural hair for the most trending hairstyles in town. We`re experts in hair braiding, crochets, and cornrows. Our careful micro braiding process includes a precision skill that makes small braids in your hair that comes off as a work of art.

Our experts thoroughly evaluate your skin and hair type to ensure that the style is suitable for your hair strength and type. To get the best results from your micro braids session, we do some pre-arrangements like washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner afterward to ensure moisturization without any loss of natural oils.

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The Best Micro Braiding Service in Houston

Micro braids are very much trending and in fashion nowadays. It also fits with any occasion and style, as you can let your hair loose or do it up as per your wishes. Micro braids are also very famous due to their versatility; you can choose the medium or long length of hair for this style, although long hair micro braiding would require significantly more time than medium length hair.

Our hairstylists can also add vibrance with the color of your choice. Select the color of your choice and wear unparalleled fashion with subtlety and grace. Though they require more time, it`s well compensated with the fact that they last for over six months.

Just get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment at one of our salons in Houston for an aesthetic and bold look.

About Us
About Us

Micro Braids Price List

Shoulder (Medium)

80 Minutes

$ 300

Shoulder (Small)

80 Minutes

$ 400