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About Us


Nubian twists are a kind of braid that is created by twisting hair in a firm coiled shape. Nubian twists are perfect for those with rigid curls. The technique uses extensions to form braids. This braiding style is akin to natural hair and protects your hair from damage.

Thanks to their dull appearance and lack of shine, Nubian Twists greatly vary from other protective styles like box braids. At Elite Braids+Weaving, we can create stylish and fashionable Nubian Twists in a relaxing atmosphere. Our experts ensure elegant results without any harm to your natural hair.

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Trust Elite Braids+Weaving for Nubian Twist Hair Braiding

Our hairstylists can create stunning Nubian Twists with a variety of unique looks that are sure to attract eyeballs wherever you go. A prime benefit of the Nubian Twist style is that it can be easily suited to any outfit and occasion, whether a casual event or a special evening.

Elite Braids and natural hair helps you with super chic Nubian Twists that will complement every outfit. Our experts can create these twists in no time and will also help you in maintaining them for a long-lasting effect. We offer complete braiding solutions and extension services to create enviable natural hairstyles. We have highly trained experts who are proficient in creating protective hairstyles on any kind of hair.

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About Us
About Us

Flaunt your Nubian Twist with Elite Braids and natural hair Salon

About Us

Our professional and caring hair stylists can create the perfect Nubian Twists for you to flaunt your way through the crowd. No matter the kind of Twist you want, our expert hair designers are adept at Nubian Twists and other traditional and special braiding methods.

Elite Braids and natural hair can achieve fast results with minimal manipulation of your Natural Hair. Headquartered across three different locations in Houston, we have hair styling experts who are virtuosos in braids, twists, and cornrows. We are a bunch of highly trained professionals who can transform your personality with innovative hairstyling techniques.

Contact us to give an upheaval to your personality with the best Nubian Twists in town.

Nubian Twist Pricing

Shoulder (Medium)

65 Minutes

$ 200

Shoulder (Small)

65 Minutes

$ 220