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Protective styles have garnered a massive following due to the immense benefits they provide. They not just create a modish new look but also keep hair manipulation to the minimum. Amongst the plethora of braiding styles available, one of them is spring twist.

Spring twists are lightweight and versatile hairstyles that can be worn as a drop-down or a bun. Spring twists are ideal for people with natural hair. They`re similar to Senegalese Twists, though the technique uses hair extensions, a major differentiating factor from the latter. Many women in the Afro-American community prefer it due to its extremely lightweight nature, from which it derives its name. Although Spring twists take a lot of installation time, they require low maintenance and care.

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Spring Twists are Highly Beneficial

  1. Lightweight:

    Spring Twists are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  2. Easy-To-Maintain:

    Spring twists are very easy on maintenance and after-care.

  3. Versatile:

    This braiding style is incredibly versatile and can be styled in various ways.

  4. Natural Appearance:

    Spring Twists appear natural, mimicking your original hair texture.

  5. Long-Lasting:

    Spring Twists are long-lasting and can last up to 6-8 weeks if cared for properly.

About Us
About Us

Flaunt Stylish Braids and Twists with Elite Braids and natural hair

About Us

Spring twists are a variant of the hair braiding technique, and our hairstylists are experts in creating and caring for it. Visit our salon in Houston to avail the best Spring Twist and other hair braiding services in any of our three locations in the city. Get in touch with us to get the perfect Spring Twist Braids in Houston.

Spring Twist Pricing

Shoulder (Medium)

60 Minutes

$ 200

Shoulder (Small)

30 Minutes

$ 220

Mid Back (Medium)

60 Minutes

$ 250

Mid Back (Small)

30 Minutes

$ 280