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What are Starter Locs?

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About Us

Starter Locs, also known as baby or beginner locs, is the first stage of the hair loc process. While there are several ways to achieve a starter loc look, all of them are the primary step when you ' re going for a faux locs session at a hair salon.

Starter locs are a great way to check out if these dangling strands suit your style or not. They can last anywhere between 3-5 months depending on your hair type and the maintenance you accord to it.

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Starter Locs at Elite Braids and natural hair

At Elite Braids and natural hair, we create starter locs using any of the following methods as per your choice:

  1. Two-strand twists
  2. Braids
  3. Loc extensions
  4. Backcombing

The methods are your prerogative, as you can choose any of the above depending on the length you need and the type of hair you have.

Our experienced hair stylists part your hair into sections, the thickness and length of which depends on you. With these starter locs, you can go on to create advanced braiding and locs styles as per your preference.

Book an appointment and visit any of our 3 salons in Houston for professional starter loc services that compliments your personality.

About Us
About Us

Starter Locs Pricing

Starter Locs

30 Minutes

From $100