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Twist braids are a popular hairstyle that binds two sections of hair that are twisted to form a braid. Twist braids allow the extension of your natural hair via synthetic strands or dreadlocks. Twist braids are well suited for individuals with curly hair, as it makes braiding easier than on straight hair. This braiding style has become a popular protective hair fashion globally.

Whether you`re looking for a simple twisted braid or an intricate work of fine twists, Elite Braids and natural hair can fulfill any hair braiding technique you want. Our hairstylists can create various chic braiding styles, from rough textures to uniform pleats. Regardless of the length, volume, or texture of your hair, we can create a unique twist braid for you to wear on any occasion.

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Get Trendy Twist Braids at Elite Braids and natural hair Hair Salon

Twist Braids have become all the rage, inspired by Afro-American celebrities. At Elite Braids and natural hair, we can create trendy and awe-inspiring twist braids with modifications of your choice. Whether you want cuffs, beads, or hues, our experts can create stunning twist braids on any kind of hair.

Our experts are skilled at braiding techniques, including twist braids which are very easy to maintain and can last for a long time.

Twists serve as the perfect protective hairstyle that looks distinctive and exquisite. Whether you want Havana twists, Senegalese twists, Passion twists, Marley, or Spring twists, trust Elite Braids and natural hair for the best Twist Braids Houston.

We have a full range of hair extension and braiding services for sporting the sassiest natural hairstyles.

Get in touch with us to get the perfect Twist Braids of your choice in Houston.
About Us
About Us

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