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Transform your personality with innovative hairstyling !

At Elite Braids & natural hair, our hair aestheticians provide Houston`s best hair braiding services.Our braiding services include box braids, knotless, bohemian, Micro box, and Jumbo box braids.

Twist braids are well suited for individuals with curly hair !

Twist Braids have become all the rage, inspired by Afro-American celebrities. At Elite Braids and natural hair, we can create trendy and awe-inspiring twist braids with modifications of your choice. Whether you want cuffs, beads, or hues, our experts can create stunning twist braids on any kind of hair.

Passion Twist
who loves to create custom new looks and styles with cornrow braids?

Cornrows are a simple yet attractive style, making them a popular choice among Protective hairstyles. Our cornrow braids can revamp your appearance, complete with a custom look that complements your personality.

Are you looking for a stunning faux locs dreads hairstyle in Houston?

Elite Braids and natural hair can create superb faux locs by adding extensions to your naturally braided hair. Our expert hairdressers braid your hair and then wrap extensions around each braid which gives a dazzling, realistic look of flowing locks through your hair.

Faux Locs
Faux Locs Dread
Natural Hair
Get the best natural hairstyle services in Houston!

We provide a wide range of services with a specialization in natural hair services. Our hair stylists are adept at creating any style on any length, volume, or texture of hair.